Web Access Symbol for People with Disabilities is a globe, marked with a grid, tilts at an angle. A keyhole is cut into its surface.
AccessABLE- Links To Accessibility Files & Tools

Web Page Validation Tools
Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE)
Accessible Web Design - UK Accessible & Usable Website Design
Accessible Web Page Design Links
Accessibility and Web Site Design
ADA Accessibility Requirements Apply To Internet Web Pages Posted in the National Disability Law Reporter, Vol. 10, Iss. 6
All Things Web: Compatibility and Accessibility
Applying the ADA to the Internet
Applying the ADA to the Internet: A Web Accessibility Standard
Designing an Accessible Web
Designing for Access to the Web for Blind and Visually Impaired Users
Designing Web Sites for Multiple Browsers Without Being Bland
EASI: Equal Access to Software & Information
EASI Accessible Web Design For the Blind & Partially Sighted
Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards
Feds Aim to Improve Accessibility to IT for People with Disabilities
GigaLaw: The Importance of Web Access for the Disabled
International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet
Iowa Department For the Blind - Accessibility Tips
Lawlink NSW: AUS Standards for Accessible Web Design
Laws Relating to Web Accessibility including ADA info
Make Your Page Accessible
National Information Infrastructure (NII)
People with Disabilities and NII: Breaking Down Barriers, Building Choice
Style Sheets and Accessibility: WARNING!
TechSoup: Accessible Technology
"Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design" Revisited (Alertbox May 1999)
TRACE:Designing More Usable Web Sites.
Unified Web Site Accessibility Guidelines
Universal Design, Principles & Guidelines
Viewable With Any Browser
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). "The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
WAI Reference List on Web Accessibility.
WAI- Accessibility QuickTips.
Web Page Repair - Widen You Web Site's Audience
What You See Is Not What Others Get on the Web
Writing Project - Accessibility for the Learning Disabled
Why Write Accessible Pages?

HTML Validation Tools Links

Cast Org.'s BOBBY. One of the best! checks for disabled accessibility, various browser accessibility and validates links.
DoctorHTML. Checks html, links, spelling, images, forms and java.
HTML Validation Tools A rather extensive listing of html validation tools links.
Lynx Viewer See how your pages look to surfers using the Lynx text browser.
NetMechanic's HTML Check Check your html for errors and various browser compatability-results page url emailed to you.
NetMechanic's Server Check Check the reliability and performance of your Web server-results page url emailed to you.
Site Inspector Validate HTML, check spelling and Browser Compatibility as well as load time and other things.
W3C HTML Validation Service One tough service. You pass this one,you should pass the others on html [not on accessibility].
WAVE- Check Pages for Accessibility
WebLint Gateway that Checks Files on Your HardDrive.
WebLint Gateway that Checks URLs.
Web Page Purifier View your web pages through various HTML levels, including WEBTV.

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