How to Run a Good On Line Service

A MOO, MUD or MUSH. or E-Mail List, like any community, needs fair, even handed management. Follows is an excerpt from a paper found on the internet with the Principles of managing a Cyber Community. These guidelines should be read by managers, teachers and general members of any OnLine Community.

Principles of Cyberspace Innkeeping
By John Coate

  1. The currency is human attention. Work with it.

  2. Discourage abuse of it.

  3. You are in the relationship business.

  4. Welcome newcomers. Help them find their place.

  5. Show by example.

  6. Strive to influence and persuade.

  7. Have a big fuse. Never let the bottom drop out.

  8. Use a light touch. Don't be authoritarian.

  9. Affirm people. Encourage them to open up.

  10. Expect ferment. Allow some tumbling.

  11. Leave room in the rules for judgement calls.

  12. Think "tolerance."

  13. Encourage personal and professional overlap.

  14. Don't give in to tyranny by individual or group.

  15. Encourage face-to-face encounters.

  16. Help it be "woman-friendly."

  17. It isn't just you: let the people help shape it.

  18. Be part of the community.

This entire paper can be found at the following link:
Cyberspace Innkeeping: Building Online Community

and another good file is: Nine Principles for Making Virtual Communities Work

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