== V.R. SITES ==

This is an alphabetical listing of Educational Virtual Reality Sites, their descriptions and access links to the sites and their web pages. This list is not complete and will always be changing. Many of these descriptions come from opening screens or web pages. If your Unix/shell account has TinyFugue, almost all of these can be accessed via TinyFugue by leaving lynx or your browser and typing in the TF command at the Unix command prompt. New sites will be marked as new at the beginning of the line.

Follows are 60 Plus Education Virtual Reality Sites:
  1. - AcademICK MUSH is the TinyMUSH of the Computer Writing and Research Labs of the University of Texas at Austin with the main purpose is to provide a venue for MUD-based research and pedagogy. Follows are 3 accesses to AcademICK Mush:

  2. - ANONYMOO A high school project Sponsored By LBJ High School in Austin, Texas and is run mostly by students. "On AnonyMOO, we have a different philosophy than most MOOs. We want to create enough of real life so that a society could develop which worked somewhat like a real one, and possessed its problems. Eventually, it can be used as an experimental model for the real world. Combat/Health and Economy represent two constants in life. Death and Money. " Follows are 3 accesses to AnonyMOO:

  3. - AREA51_MOO is primarily an educational MOO, providing a text-based virtual reality environment for educators to use in their instructional pedagogies. Area51_MOO's current educational focus is on Computer Science instruction/experimentation, and English Composition assistance. No MOO is complete without a social aspect, though, so Area51_MOO by no means limits itself to educational pursuits. Feel free to come to Area51_MOO to be social, too. There's some really wild stuff going on in Area51_MOO, just don't step on any of the students, and don't egg any teachers. Follows are 3 accesses to Area51_MOO:

  4. - ATHEMOO is a professional community where people interested in the theatre come to exchange information, have meetings and learn about MOO technology and its uses for classroom and other projects. It was developed under the auspices of the Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education and with the generous support of the Univ. Of Hawaii at Manoa. Follows are 2 accesses for AtheMoo

  5. - ATHENA/VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY VOU's Electronic Campus. Athena University and Athena Preparatory Academy share this campus to offer a virtual academic campus for both K-12 and higher education. Follows are 3 accesses for Athena Moo

  6. - BAY MOO BayMOO is a realm on the Internet for worldwide human interaction and creation in the context of a virtual San Francisco Bay Area. A humanites Moo which is an example of what has been called life's Third Place. Place One = home. Place Two = work. The Third Place = wherever you go to be free. Follows are 3 accesses for Bay Moo:

  7. - BUSHMOO Hosted by Bush.Net, BushMOO is a text based multi-user virtual environment. Why not talk in real-time with people from all over the world, do some virtual window shopping in the mall of Bushville, or learn some new skills in one of BushMOO's virtual classrooms? Alternatively, you could just stretch back, relax, make some new friends and take in the sights of the virtual Australian Bush. BushMOO is primarily a social MOO, but special objects have been created within the MOO to allow for virtual conferences and school classes. Follows are 3 BushMOO accesses:

  8. - CAFE MOOLANO is an online meeting space for UC Berkeley instructors and students. Instructors can have office hours here; classes in foreign languages and writing will be meeting for discussions and group work; and all participants will be building and extending the virtual community created here with hopes to extend beyond the boundaries of the UC Berkeley campus, enabling collaborative projects between Berkeley students and people at other schools. Follows are 3 accesses for Cafe MOOlano:

  9. - CALLMOO/DREISTADT The CALLMOO project is led by Espen Aarseth of the Department of Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen, and is funded by the Working Group for Digital Learning Resources on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs. In 1998 CALLMOO (standing for Computer Assisted Language Learning MOO)created Dreistadt, a moo that is now used in teaching German language, culture and literature at the University of Bergen. In 1999 we will continue this work, and in addition use our experience with Dreistadt to develop learning environments for other languages. A more experimental part of the project will be to build a moo for English literature. This moo will be based on Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Follows are 4 CallMOO accesses:

  10. - CIVIC MOO CivicMOO is being developed by The Center for Technology, Education and the Community under its Public Voices Yesterday and Today: The TINCAN Civic Discourse Project. This project is made possible through a Civic Networking Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It serves the residents of the Inland Northwest who access CivicMOO through one of TINCAN's local access telephone lines or through the Internet. CivicMOO is designed as a medium for civic discourse.Residents connect to the MOO for presentations and discussions. They debate and collaborate on local issues. Schools use the MOO for research and class projects. Clubs and organizations hold on-line meetings. Follows are 5 access for CivicMOO:

  11. - COLLEGE TOWN is a text based virtual Academic Community. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for the scholarly pursuits of students and faculty from around the world. College Town is a place for folks to meet, hold classes and seminars, do research, carry out class projects, and exchange ideas. At this point there are a lot of ASCII graphics on this Moo, but they are working on providing choices for those using speach synthesizers. Follows are 4 College Town accesses:

  12. - CO MENTOR Follows are 4 CoMentor accesses:

  13. - COMPUCRAZE MOO Offers classes and lots of games hosted by by Elijah Laboratories, Inc. and CompuCraze Resourses. CompuCraze MOO is running on a server somewhere in America. This MOO was founded by Bilal Iqbal (Storm). On 14th of August 1997 in Golden Jubilee celebration of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I decided to open this MOO and I launched it on 15th of August 1997 on the next day. CompuCraze MOO is a social MOO and education MOO. Now CompuCraze MOO has many objects and users (MOOers). Combines MOO and email lists. Follows are 4 CompuCraze MOO accesses:

  14. - CONNECTIONS MOO seeks to provide an alternative learning environment for classes and other groups. It's a place where students and teachers can get outside their traditional environments, find new ways of working with each other, meet and collaborate with people from other places, and participate in a variety of projects. In addition, Connections provides space for learning projects that fall outside the confines of school subjects but provide opportunities for people to learn about topics that interest them. You will not find virtual schools and classrooms on Connections; rather, you'll find things to do and ways to work, play, and learn that are different from those you have in your four-walled classrooms back home. Follows are 3 Connections' accesses:

  15. - CPDEE MOO Very busy Brazilian EduMOO. Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Engenharia Eltrica. Follows are 3 CPDEE accesses:

  16. - DAEDALUS MOO provides a less structured MOO than DU for teachers to bring their students to collaborate with others and discuss use of Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE) software. Follows are 2 accesses for Daedalus Moo:

  17. - DA MOO is an educational Moo running with the kind cooperation of the Learning Resource Center at California State University, Northridge. Follows are 3 accesses for DaMoo:

  18. - DELPHI MUSH is a multi-themed, open-ended MUSH dedicated to supporting original, interactive fiction and roleplay. It's mission is educational -- allowing a safe, courteous place for people new to the world of MUSHing to learn and experiment, as well as hosting experienced builders and players, giving them an opportunity to hone their skills and create original works that are a cut above. Delphi also provides a home for roleplaying groups who are holding activities online, as well as providing information and support for people or groups working to find their own MU** sites and start their own games. WARNING! Login Screen has lots of ASCII art! Follows are 2 accesses for Delphi Mush:

  19. - DIVERSITY UNIVERSITY was the first MOO to be designed specifically for classroom use. Diversity University MOO campuses are Internet locations for serious experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching, learning and social services. Very structured. Follows are 6 Diversity University accesses:

  20. - DOMINIONS is provided as a means of eductional and entertainment purposes. University of Toledo Follows are 2 Dominions accesses:

  21. - FRONTIERS Frontiers is a WCSU resource to explore computer-mediated communication. Our primary service to the University community is the Frontiers LP Mud, a text-only "virtual space" providing a context for communication patterned on a campus-like environment. Frontiers is also engaged in research of other forms of virtual presence. WARNING! Login Screen full of ASCII art! Follows are 3 accesses for Frontiers' Moo:

  22. - GNA-MOO - The GNA Network of Educational MOO. Follows are 3 GNA accesses:

  23. - GRASSROOTS Follows are 6 accesses for Grass Roots Moo:

  24. - IDEA EXCHANGE MUD is an LPMud dedicated to advancing all uses of the LPC language. (LPC is the language used to program LPMud.) It is not a game MUD. You can login and learn LPC from your own home directory, as well as discuss non- traditional uses for LPC such as education and business. WARNING! ASCII Art on login Screen. Follows are 2 accesses for The Idea Exchange MUD:

  25. - INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY is being developed as a public library for the Internet community, the live, real-time extension of the Internet Public Library Website. It is intended as a model and laboratory for librarians and Moo folk to explore the possibilities of library services in MOO and virtual reality environments. Follows are 3 accesses for IPL:

  26. - JHM is an ongoing project to investigate text-based virtual realities. Follows are 3 accesses for JM:

  27. - JUNGLE MOO started as an experimental social space for a course in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster. It is now run as part of work in the Hypermedia Research Centre based at the Harrow campus of the university. We welcome it's use by any other establishments and individuals. WARNING! The login screen is full of Ascii Art! Follows are 4 accesses for Jungle MOO:

  28. - KCCMOO - An educational MOO located at Kapi'olani Community College in Hawai'i. There are some online classes some days of the week, but everyone is welcome. You can MOO in either French or English. Follows are 5 KCCMOO accesses:

  29. - LINGUA MOO is for teachers and students in the Rhetoric and Writing program at The University of Texas at Dallas. It is both a learning environment and a place where faculty collaborate on various projects related to teaching and research using electronic media. WARNING! Lingua MOO from the opening screen on is loaded with ASCII art, once past log in screen type:@ascii off. Follows are 4 accesses for Lingua Moo:

  30. - MEDIA MOO is a MOO designed to be a professional community for media researchers. One of the first, and still one of the most useful professional VRs. Media Moo discourages teachers from bringing classes of students here in, it is designed to be a place for researchers to meet. For example, there is a large group of rhetoric and composition folks who meet weekly in the Netoric Cafe to discuss a wide range of issues, particularly integrating technology and writing. Follows are 4 Media Moo accesses:

  31. - MIAMI MOO is a collaborative project at Miami University involving the Departments of Classics, Religion, Educational Psychology, Art and Architecture here at the University, as well as students and faculty in Classics, Archaeology, English and History here and at other institutions. Follows are 4 accesses for MiamiMoo:

  32. - MICRO MUSE: The Multi-User Science Education Network, is a blend of high technology and social consciousness with emphasis on education, concern for the environment and communication. Very structured and kid friendly. WARNING: opening screen is full of ASCII Art! Follows are 3 accesses for Micro Muse:

  33. - MOOCANADA Was SchoolNet. MOOCanada is a non-violent world populated mainly by students. It features a large user base (more than 1000) of friendly characters. Pueblo enhancements are in place with improvements ongoing. Follows are 4 accesses for MOOCanada:

  34. - MOOFRANCAIS: Welcome to MOOFrançais, the first french virtual community that has been created on the Internet. Since four years, hundreds of people coming from all around the world use MOOFrançais to make unforgettables meetings, exchange with others, chat and have fun! Wether you are a student wanting to practice french an interesting way or you have lived in Paris for years, the MOOFrancais is for you! Follows are 3 accesses for MOOFrançais:

  35. - MOOKTI A MOOving Experience in Education, welcomes anyone interested in education and related research and technologies. MOOkti is a multi-user virtual environment dedicated to the promotion of real-time interactive education and discussion of Educational issues. MOOkti is open to anyone involved or interested in the field of Education, Teaching, Learning and related topics. Follows are 4 accesses to MOOkti:

  36. - MOOSAICO: The theme of MOOsaico is one cultural connectivity. MOOsaico, like the world, is woven together out of the individual fabrics of a variety of local cultures. Although real world cultures vary from one to another, they are forced by circumstance to co-exist in the tiny confines of the globe, and whatever they collectively form comes to define the world as we know it. So, too, with the multilingual MOOsaico. WARNING! Some ASCII art on login screen. Follows are 3 accesses for MOOsaico:

  37. - MOOSE Crossing MOOSE Crossing is a MUD designed to give kids 9-13 a meaningful context for reading, writing, and computer programming. It includes a new programming language (MOOSE) and client interface (MacMOOSE) designed to make it easier for kids to learn to program. My ideal setting is an after school program. Use from home is fine too. Folks older than 13 need to apply to become rangers. Follows are 4 accesses for MOOSE Crossing:

  38. - MOOVILLE is dedicated to teaching at the University of Florida. Follows are 3 MooVille accesses: THIS MOO IS BEING RENOVATED.. Check back later! 6/12/99

  39. - MOO WP The official MOO of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is an experimental site for the exploration of educational technology and virtual community. Follows are 4 accesses for MOOWP:

  40. - MOUNTAINMOO: at the Center for Literary Computing, MountainMOO is part of CLC's Ariel Server Project, sponsored by the Department of English and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University. Follows are 2 access to MountainMoo:

  41. - MTMOO/Isle of the Net: Michigan Tech's Educational MOO - A Virtual Academic World Follows are 5 access to MTMOO:

  42. - MUNDO HISPANO: the Spanish language learning MOO, is a MOO being developed with the support of the AskERIC project at Syracuse University. Most importantly, however, MundoHispano is a community of native speakers of Spanish from around the world, teachers and learners of Spanish, and computer programmers, all of whom volunteer their time and talent to make this a dynamic virtual world. WARNING! Opening screen full of ASCII art. DOES NOT ALLOW GUESTS. Follows are 3 access to Mundo Hispano Moo:

  43. - PANGAEA MOO It is the purpose and goal of Pangaea to pursue the original purpose of all MOOs, namely to experiment with online communities, to foster new understandings among participants from all over the world.
    But Pangaea seeks to go beyond that. Whereas many MOOs have become nothing more than over glorified chat rooms, Pangaea seeks to establish itself as a place where people can once again experience the purpose of MOOs. Pangaea endeavors to be an innovator in many areas of MOO utilization:
    Education, Translation, Modification for visually impaired users, and meshing of cultures.

    "The world was hit by tectonic shifts sending the earth into chaos, Pangaea is the world of the future as societies and cultures try to rebuild. Pangaea has a language translator that handles translation of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Pinyin. Special TTS modifications enhance blind users experience. --- En Espanol: En línea, el texto basó el mundo con el traductor libre de la traducción del lenguaje para los estudiantes, los profesores, y los utilizadores ocultos. Interacción en tiempo real." Follows are 4 accesses to Pangaea MOO:

  44. - PENN MOO is a real-time, text-based virtual environment available on the Internet 24 hours a day as a supplement to the "real life" community and campus here at the University of Pennsylvania. Based loosely on the geographies of the Penn campus and the city of Philadelphia, PennMOO provides a "place" where faculty hold classes and office hours, students gather for group projects, and real-time events bring users from Penn and around the world together in cyberspace. PennMOO is also an evolving experiment in community, seeking to help break down and redefine the traditional walls of the college classroom. WARNING! Opening MOO screen is full of ASCII ART! Follows are 3 access to Penn MOO:

  45. - PMC MOO A virtual space designed to promote multiple explorations of contemporary theory and practice. The theme of this MOO is post modernism and contemporary theory. Follows are 3 accesses for PMC Moo:

  46. - PUEBLO - Pueblo is a research project exploring learning in virtual space. We are always under construction as we learn by doing! Follows are 2 accesses for Pueblo Moo:

  47. - RAINBOW MOO is a K-8 MOO. The theme of DU Rainbow MOO is to provide an environment where teachers can teach as much as possible in as creative and unique a way as possible. Naturally, this includes allowing teachers to bring their classes online for interactive sessions. WARNING! DU RAINBOW MOO DOES NOT ALLOW GUESTS! Follows are 3 accesses for Rainbow MOO:

  48. - ROO MOO In short, ROO MOO is a telecollaborative interdisciplinary educational virtual environment for faculty, students, and staff of the University of Missouri - Kansas City. It is a real-time virtual "place" where the UMKC campus community can become involved in collaborative discussion and research. ROO MOO provides opportunity for creative and innovative online real-time class meetings and projects. Faculty from other Higher Ed institutions are encouraged to join us and to bring students online to collaborate. Follows are 4 accesses to ROO MOO:

  49. - SCHMOOZE U MOO is a small, friendly college known for its hospitality and the diversity of the student population. It was established in July, 1994 as a place where people studying English as a second or foreign language could practice English while sharing ideas and experiences with other learners and practicers of English. Students have opportunities for one-on-one and group conversations as well as access to language games, an on-line dictionary, USENET feed, and gopher access. Although schMOOze U. was founded with the ESL/EFL students in mind, it welcomes all people interested in cross-cultural communication. WARNING! Opening screen is loaded with ASCII art! Follows are 3 accesses to SchMOOze U MOO:

  50. - SCUMOO - is a project of Southern Cross University, Australia. SCU's very own interactive Multi-User environment, (a 'virtual University' still under construction), AusWeb95 Virtual Edition now has its own 'Conference Room' complete with guided tours of the Lismore district, a conference site, a discussion room, and spaces where you can engage in debate on the issues of AusWeb95, leave messages, or chat with friends or delegates in 'Real Time'. Bulletin Boards with constant updates of conference discussions will also be on view. Follows are 2 accesses for ScienceMOO:

  51. - THIS ONE MAY BE OFFLINE - SOL MOO MUD Solar System Simulation - an accredited and award winning pedagogical environment. SolMOO is an educational role-playing 'virtual' laboratory in which students collaborate in building 'working models' of communities in a future Solar System. Students work in teams which are consituted from one (or more) college classes . Students work collaboratively in their classrooms and through the Internet. The primary Internet medium is a MUD. Students and faculty also use e-mail, listservers, news groups and Web Pages. Note: this on-line social and communications sciences laboratory requires pre-registration for admission; consult SolSySim Homepage. Follows are 3 accesses to SolMOO:

  52. - TAPPED IN Teacher Professional Development Institute Moo is a technology called a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) that enables people anywhere to engage in real-time (synchronous) collaboration where Teachers with diverse interests, backgrounds, and skills can share experiences, engage in mentoring and collaborative work, or simply meet their colleagues. It is a professional community of K-12 TPD providers, schools, teachers, and researchers committed to education reform. WARNING! ASCII Art, but From the login screen: "Sight impaired? Type: @OPTION SPEECHSYNTH after logging in. Follows are 4 accesses for Tapped In:

  53. - TECFA MOO is a virtual space for Educational Technology, education, research and life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva. Switzerland. Follows are 3 accesses for Tecfa Moo:

  54. - TWUMOO is an educational virtual environment sponsored by Texas Woman's University. TWUMOO is a virtual environment for teaching and learning that promotes women and women's writing and is designed to enhance Texas Woman's University's distance learning initiative and supplement traditional classroom instruction. The main focus of TWUMOO is twofold: 1) to extend TWU's Women's Collection, one of the finest collections of print texts by women,by archiving electronic-based texts produced by women; and 2) to develop community outreach programs focusing on women and women's isues. Follows are 4 accesses for TWUMOO:

  55. - VILLA DIODATI The Villa Diodati is an integrated Web-MOOspace that combines the live-time interactivity of MOOing with the graphical and information storage and retreival potential of the World Wide Web. The Villa takes its name from the house in the Swiss village of Cologny, with a splendid view of Lake Leman, that Lord Byron rented in the legendary summer of 1816 and is configured to allow for serious professional exchange but it is also designed to allow for casual conversations among friends and colleagues. " Once inside, see the "Schoolhouse," a building dedicated to secondary education in literature, funded by an NEH Teaching with Technology grant (like VRoma's). The home page for the NEH project is: http://www.rc.umd.edu/rchs [WARNING: FRAMES!" The MOO is not signing up new accounts at present, but Guests are welcome (no password required). Follows are 3 access for the Villa Diodati MOO:

  56. - VIRTUAL WRITING CENTER MOO, VWCMOO is a real-time communications environment. It gives writers a synchronous forum to discuss issues in writing, composition, rhetoric, and related pedagogy based at Salt Lake Community College. The Virtual Writing Center is an educational environment where people can gather and Take college composition courses,.Discuss their writing with writing tutors; Gather with colleagues and talk about writing, teaching, distance education,and educational uses of MOO's and .Discuss the social constructions of language. Follows are 3 access for Virtual Writing Center MOO:

  57. - VROMA MOO, VRoma MOO " is a virtual community for the teaching and learning of Classics, founded by the VRoma Project and funded by an NEH Teaching with Technology grant. The VRoma MOO is an on-line "place," modeled to some extent upon the ancient city of Rome, where students and instructors can interact live, hold courses and lectures, and share resources for the study of the ancient world. As an on-line virtual environment, VRoma contextualizes and situates linguistic and cultural information within a simulated space, a virtual 'city' containing historical places (based on the city of Rome circa 150 CE) and non-historical places (various types of virtual spaces that imaginatively evoke ancient life). Follows are 4 access for VRomaMOO:

  58. - WALDEN3 MOO - Walden3 MOO is an educational virtual community on the Internet. Founded by Margit Watts of the University of Hawai'i and Wes Cooper of the University of Alberta, it serves as the meeting place for a number of educational endeavors listed below. Walden3 was so named for two very important reasons. First of all, as Ray Oldenberg notes in his book The Great Good Place, we have three places we frequent--our home, our workplace, and another place. These other places used to be pubs, streetcorners, malt shops, etc. Now, cyberspace serves as a possible third place to congregate and build community. Secondly, Walden3 is an attempt to go beyond Thoreau's vision of going back to nature to find peace and ourselves, or Skinner's attempt at ordering our world for us. Walden3, built in ascii drawings around the 19th century pastoral theme asks all members to think of it as another possibility for building connections, peace, community and finding the good in human nature. Follows are 4 accesses for Walden3 MOO:

  59. - ZOO MOO Used to teach beginning writing courses online in combination with other online tools such as the web and e-mail lists. Follows are 2 links for Zoo Moo:


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