A listserv or email mailing list is set up so that subscribers can send an email or post to one address and that post is then sent as email to all other subscribers of the listserv. Although usually not as public as usenet groups, care still needs to be taken when posting personal and private information to listservs. If you do subscribe to any of the following listservs, please save the information email you recieve in return so you will know how to sign off, or send other commands as you need to.

Follows is information and links for Public EduVR Listservs:

  1. CBNVEE is a cooperative of people interested in building networked virtual education environments. The emphasis is on educational use of virtual reality. We are primarily interested in multi-user virtual reality software which allows learners to interact with each other and with learning resources. Interactions may be through text, sound or graphics. We are interested in sharing information about what we are building and issues related to building. We are also interested in identifying and educating new folks who might have similar interests.
    To subscribe to cbnvee send an email message to: and in the body of the message type:
    subscribe cbnvee your email address
    Follows is a link to a cbnvee webpage:

  2. COLLABORATIVE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT or CVE A Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) is one that actively supports human-human communication in addition to human-machine communication and which uses a Virtual Environment (including textually based environments such as MUDs/MOOs) as the user interface. This is an exciting field with much potential for inter-disciplinary collaboration particularly in the fields of computer science, psychology, sociology, architecture & urban planning, cultural & media studies and Artificial Intelligence.
    To subscribe to CVE send and email to: to and in the body of the message type:
    subscribe your first name your last name
    or if you have a web page you'd like referenced from the list of subscribers type:
    subscribe your first name your last name your web page URL
    Follows is a link to the CVE Web Page:

  3. CYBERSPACE-AND-SOCIETY Cyberspace and Society is a research and academic list relevant to social sciences and related disciplines. It will review, disseminate and report of advances in cyberspace, virtual environments and new cultural technologies. It encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives.
    To subscribe to Cyberspace and Society send an email to: and in the body of the message type:
    join cyberspace-and-society your first name your last name

  4. GNA-VC -- The Virtual Community Mailing List (gna-vc) was established in 1996 as a forum for discussion and news about online life and community, the technologies that support them, ways and methods for their organization and design, and their social effects. gna-vc is a discussion list for people participating in virtual communities, or are interested in their design, the technology that supports them, or their social impications. Topics appropriate for discussion include: technology that supports virtual communities: MUD programming, irc bots, etc); research on new technologies that might support such communities in the future; online life and society: legal problems, access, NII etc; educational uses of virtual community technology; community networks; business uses of virtual community technology and GNA as a virtual community. To subscribe to GNA-VC send the following command in the message body of an email to
    SUBSCRIBE GNA-VC YourFirstName YourLastName
    For more info on GNA-VC access the GNA-VC Home Page on
    Archives are open to subscribers only

  5. NEW! 7-24-99 LEARNING-TECHNOLOGY - This list serves to distribute the 'Learning Technology' newsletter of IEEE Learning Technology Task Force (LTTF). The aim of the newsletter is to report the activities of LTTF including various announcements, work in progress, projects, participation opportunities and so on. Currently the newsletter is planned to be published every six months. To subscribe to LEARNING-TECHNOLOGY send an email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.READADP.COM and in the message body type:
    subscribe LEARNING-TECHNOLOGY Your First Name Your Last Name

  6. MOO-COWS Technical discussion on running MOOs
    To subscribe to MOO-Cows send an email message to:
    and in the body of the message type:
    subscribe your email address
    Follows is a link to the MOO-Cow Archive Web Page:

  7. MOO-ED The MOO-ed mailing list is for discussion of the programming, maintenance and pedagogy of educational MOOs and is provided by the English Department of the University of Florida and UCET, the University Center for Excellence in Teaching.
    To subscribe to MOO-Ed send email to in the body of your email message type:
    subscribe moo-ed your email address
    Follows is a link to the Moo-Ed Web Page:

  8. MOO-HELP is dedicated to helping bring moobies online, give them as much help, guidance, and a collaborative community spirit as possible. This is a list designed to help both new and old users of MOOs (MUDs Object Oriented)become acclimated and share information to make the moo experience as easy as possible. The list is owned by Jeff Cooper AKA (Mr.C)
    To subscribe to MOO-Ed sending a blank email message to moohelp-subscribe@egroup

  9. NETEACH-L, is an on-line forum through which international EFL/ESL teachers can discuss issues related to using the Internet as an educational tool. This list was created for the purpose of not only sharing success stories and activity ideas, but also helping computer-phobic teachers overcome their fears in order to use the Internet to their students' (and their own) full advantage. It is a public and unmoderated list open to anyone in the EFL/ESL field who has an interest in using the Internet as a means of English language instruction. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to: classroom activities, information on EFL/ESL-related Internet sites, and technical advice on how to utilize various functions of the Internet for the purpose of EFL/ESL instruction.
    To subscribe to NeTeach-L send an email to: and in the message body type:
    subscribe NETEACH-L Your First Name Your Last Name
    Follows is a link to the NeTeach-L Web site:

  10. OERG-L is the Electronic Mailing List for the On-Line Educators Resources Group organized to support the work of the On-Line Educators Resources Group, a division of Diversity University, Inc.
    To subscribe to OERG-L send an email to: and in the message body type:
    subscribe oerg-l Your First Name Your Last Name
    Follows is a link to the OERG-L Web site:

  11. ONLINEDU Distributed OnLine eduction - teaching, learning and research whether intranet or Internet based. It is a free international e-mail discussion list dedicated to this topic.
    To subscribe to OnLinEdu send an email to: and in the message body type:
    subscribe onlinedu

  12. SERIOUS-MUDDING is a distribution list for discussions of research on MUDs and/or using MUDs for "serious" purposes, i.e. beyond gaming and purely social purposes, including but not limited to distance learning, language/writing training or using MUDs as a communications tool among others in an enterprise.
    To subscribe to Serious-MUDDing send an email to: and in the message body type:
    subscribe serious-mudding Your First Name Your Last Name

  13. TOWNTALK For those interested in planning, building or managing virtual communities. The list is open to anybody interested in virtual communities.
    To subscribe to TownTalk send an email to: and in the SUBJECT: type:

  14. TWO-L Teaching Writing Online. The purpose of TWO-L (Teaching Writing Online List) is to provide a practical, nuts and bolts forum for discussion of the latest developments in the trenches, with an emphasis on problems and solutions that emerge from composition courses that are actually being taught online. Theoretical discussions of trends and issues are also expected and welcomed. TWO-L is primarily aimed at instructors who are teaching (or planning to teach) English composition online via the Internet: email, WWW, and/or live chat (MOO, etc.).
    To subscribe to Two-L send an email to: LISTPROC@HAWAII.EDU and in the message body type:
    sub TWO-L Your First Name Your Last Name

  15. VIRTED is for TEACHERS, STUDENTS, and anyone else interested in the uses of VIRTUAL REALITY in education and learning. In this forum we hope to explore the use and potential uses of VIRTUAL REALITY environments in both traditional and alternative educational settings, the effects of VIRTUAL REALITY environments upon the learning process, and the efficacy of using VIRTUAL REALITY as an educational delivery system. Review of research, publications and observations related to EDUCATIONAL uses of VIRTUAL REALITY are welcome and encouraged. Our mission is to shed light on this new avenue of education and learning which takes place in both text based environments as well as graphic environments.
    To subscribe to VIRTED send an email to: and in the message body type:
    subscribe VIRTED Your First Name Your Last Name
    Follows is a VIRTED Web Page:

  16. VIRTUAL-UNIVERSITIES was set up for the increasing number of university staff involved in virtual university projects to discuss issues of common interest.
    To subscribe to Virtual-Universites send an email to: and in the message body type:
    join virtual-universities Your First Name Your Last Name


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