Virtual Reality Access Clients and Programs

If you are using lynx, you don't need an added program to telnet to most Virtual Reality Sites. Windows 95, I know, has it's own Telent, other operating systems may also, but Windows 3.x does not.

Follows are links to MOO, MUD, MUSH Clients and Telent Programs and information:

  1. TinyFuge Basics for Those Accessing VR via Shell/Unix
  2. Getting Started with MUTT, a FREE Windows Client

  3. Elf Win95 & 3x Client-Shareware
  4. How to Connect to a MUSH/MOO/MUD
  5. An Introduction to TinyFugue Web Page
  6. MudMaster for Win95&98 - Freeware FRAMES
  7. MUSHclient For Windows 95 - Shareware
  8. Phoca MU* WindowsClient
  9. Pueblo Windows Client - No Longer Has Support FRAMES
  10. Rapscallion Macintosh MOO/MUD/MUSH Client FRAMES
  11. SimpleMU Client for Windows - Shareware FRAMES
  12. Telnet Helpsheet for MOOing
  13. tkMOO-light for UNIX, Windows and Macintosh
  14. TUCOWS Mud, Mush, Moo and Telnet Clients
  15. Windsock and Macintosh Clients
  16. ZMud Client for Windows - Shareware FRAMES


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