Free and Cheap Email Discussion List Providers

Some Internet Providers offer free Email Lists for their users as do some universities and colleges for students and staff. Many of the Free hosting services listed below have advertising placed on every message that comes through the lists.

From comp.mail.misc Internet Mailing List Providers:
"To find a LISTSERV sponsor, write up a draft proposal which describes the list you'd like to create and mail it to LSTSRV-L@SEARN.SUNET.SE. Mention in your message that you don't usually follow those discussion groups, so could responses please be mailed to your private address. Please only submit your proposal once. If someone is willing to host your list, then you will hear back from him or her. Repeated proposals for the same topic are only likely to annoy the readers of the list and may make them less likely to want to take on new lists. For more detailed advice on this process, send the command GET NEW-LIST CREATE as an e-mail message to the address LISTSERV@VM1.NODAK.EDU."

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