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An e-mail discussion list
hosted by St. John's University

Personal Care Assistance is a discussion list for people with disabilities who use the services of Personal Care Assistants (PCA’s). Locating, screening, hiring, training and maintaining a
relationship with a person who will provide personal care is a difficult and complicated process. It can also be a rewarding productive experience for all involved.

In the past, it has been next to impossible for people with disabilities to communicate with each other for the purposes of finding out methods of dealing with problems, locating resources
(financial and potential employee pools) and supporting each other through difficult times.

This list is being offered to provide a bridge between people with disabilities who use PCA’s so that they can share their experiences, ideas, wisdom and creative suggestions. We also want to help disseminate the latest information on governmental legislation that may directly effect accessibility to personal care assistance.

This list also welcomes Personal Care Assistants, caregivers, families and friends of those who use these services.


Deborah Gately McKeen, Kevin Berger, Cleo Kiernan


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