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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:06:52 -0500
From: "Eddie Bollenbach"
Subject: Re: PPS Diagnoses

I think we just don't know about what causes PPS and _how_ aging is related to it. Actually, ageing is one of those interweaving variables that will exacerbate PPS because as our tissues and organs age they function less optimally than they do when we are young. So, with something like PPS going on it is going to get worse as we age, and be potentiated (in the negative sense) as we age.

Some people don't seem to show the effects of PPS while others seem to have a rather rapid decline. Some of this may be due to where muscles were initially weakened. For example, two people can have the same degree of nerve-muscle damage but in one individual the damage is below the knee or hip, while for the other individual the damage is at or above the hip eg. back or buttocks. The person with the back/ buttocks damage may have to stop walking and use a power chair or scooter. The person with the damage lower may only need an AFO and remain ambulatory. The person in the chair then may become deconditioned and more fatigued because of not walking. Then attribute this to PPS and rest more. I think this is very complicated. One thing leads to the next and we are talking about a cascade of symptoms depending on where polio hit.

I just read, today, of evidence that CFS (which many have contended is the late effect of undiagnosed polio) is a chronic sub-acute viral infection. I will leave you with the reference if you care to read a synopsis or the original article in a medical journal. Perhaps PPS may involve a reaction to other infectious agents too, or some inflammatory process in previously affected neurons. Its more important to have a good experiment to instruct us, though, than a gazzillion guesses.

The CFS article is at:


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