MOO 101
or how to get started in Moo Virtual Reality

First, it is important to know that each MOO is a little or a lot different than all other MOOs. Different looks, different commands even. It's very important that you read every screen presented you on each MOO you log on to, from the log on Follows are 11 simple commands that should help get you started on most MOO's you access:

  1. co guest should get you on most MOOs, but some have different entry commands. Read the opening screen.

  2. @who usually shows you who else is on the MOO, where they are, how long they have been on and how long they have been idle or not entering commands.

  3. help shows an index of help files.

  4. help object or verb shows the help file on a specific object or verb.

  5. look by itself will show you the description of the "room" you are in. But,

  6. look [object] without the brackets will show you the description of the specific object you name.

  7. say or " [comment] without the brackets allows you to talk to someone in the same room with you.

  8. page [comment] without the brackets allows you to talk to someone who is not in the same room with you.

  9. @join [someone] without the brackets allows you to teleport yourself to the same room someone else is in. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT PAGING THEM AND ASKING PERMISSIONS BEFOREHAND

  10. @quit quit or log off the VR site

  11. EXITS look for exit names in each room then just type the name or noted alias of the exit to leave the room you are in and go to that exit's room.

Follows are links to more Basic MOO information

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  16. Telnet Helpsheet for MOOing


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