Virtual Reality and Education

Virtual Reality is a wonderful tool for teaching and for learning. Follows are links on VR and Education:

  1. Building Bridges for Place-Bound Students: A Virtual Classroom
  2. Classrooms and Other Teachers' Tools on DU
  3. Collaberative Spaces and Education VERY INTERESTING!
  4. Computer-Mediated Communication Center
  5. Computer Mediated Communication-Over Schooled and Under Educated
  6. Computer Writing & Research Labs' Mush & MOO
  7. Constructing the Virtual Campus
  8. Design and Construction of a Virtual Environment for Japanese Language Instruction
  9. Design of Artificial Realities to Improve Learning Newtonian Mechanics Side by Side Tables!
  10. Distance Education Clearinghouse
  11. Distance Education Through The Internet
  12. Diversity University Educational Technology Web Forums
  13. Diversity Univeristy Education Literature Links
  14. Education: Bring a Candle, Not a Sparkler
  15. Educational MOO Forum Meetings,Agendas,Transcrips and Info
  16. Educational MOO: Text-Based Virtual Reality for Learning in Community
  17. Educational Technology: Eductational VR
  18. Effects of Grade 7 Students Constructing Virtual Environments on their Comprehension of Science
  19. Effects of Student Construction of Virtual Environments on the Performance of High- and Low-Ability Students
  20. English Composition Classes and MOO
  21. Experiential Virtual Learning Eanvironments
  22. FirstHand Virutual Environment Design, Education, Training
  23. High Wired: On the Design, Use & Theory of Educational MOOs
  24. IEEE Computer Society Learning Technology Task Force
  25. Instructional Technology Resource Links Megalist of Resources for Higher Education
  26. Internet-Based Tools for Education
  27. Internet Conferencing with Networked Virtual Environments
  28. Kairos Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
  29. Language and Skills Teaching in Virtual Reality
  30. Learner-Centered Design of Sensorily Immersive Microworld Using a Virtual Reality Interface Side by Side Tables!
  31. Learning Disability and Education in the 21st Century
  32. LIVE - Learning in Virtual Environments
  33. MOO Building Tools for Education
  34. MOOESL (MOO for English as a Second Language): A Study
  35. MOO for Foreign Language Learning
  36. MOO Teacher's Tip Sheet
  37. MOO-WWW Research Directory
  38. Mr.C's Educational MUVE (Multi-User Virtual Environment) Links
  39. NetTeach News Online
  40. New EduMoo Setup, Maintainance,Policy Guidlines
  41. Jason Nolan's papers & Info on CyberEdu
  42. Netoric Project Using MOO to discuss issues related to Computer-assisted writing instruction
  43. OnLine Learning Environments Compared
  44. Online Teaching and Distance Learning
  45. Open Directory: Online Teaching and Learning
  46. Other Educational VR Sites
  47. Presence in Text-based Virtual Environments or 'MUDS
  48. Project ScienceSpace - Virtual Reality in Science Education
  49. Publications on Educational Use of VR
  50. Reflections Onna MOO-Good Read Before Teaching on MOO
  51. Rethinking Educational Technology: A Postmodern View
  52. RhetNet Cyberjournal for Rhetoric and Writing FRAMES!
  53. The Role of Technology in Quality Education
  54. A Seminar in CyberSpace
  55. Shared Virtual Worlds for Education
  56. A Simulated Environment for Constructionist Learning
  57. Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities
  58. Spatial Cognition in the Virtual Environment
  59. Strategies for Teaching in MOOspaces
  60. A Teacher's Guide to Developing Virtual Environments
  61. Teacher's MOO Commandments
  62. Teaching in CyberSpace
  63. Teaching Virtual Courses
  64. The Use of Virtual Reality as an Educational Tools
  65. VIRART Virtual Environments for Students With Severe Learning Difficulties
  66. Virtual Academy-The Educational Model
  67. Virtual Environments for Education, Research and Life
  68. Virtual Environments For Students With Autism
  69. Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory
  70. Virtual Reality In Eduction
  71. Virtual Reality In The Schools
  72. Virtual Realities for Learning Complex and Abstract Scientific Concepts Side by Side Tables!
  73. VR In The Schools Quarterly Publications
  74. Virtual Reality and Virtual Learning Environments Session
  75. WWW5 Workshop on Virtual Environments and the WWW


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