Using the MUTT Client Basics

MUTT is a freeware program for Windows 3.x and 95. It's tiny, taking up very little space on your hard drive, and is easy to install and use either by itself or in conjunction with your browser. I don't pretend to know much about MUTT, but it is the program I use, so I will try to get you started, down and dirty, as I did using Netscape with Windows 3.1. If anyone has more information to give, please email me and I'll make sure it gets on this page.

GETTING STARTED: First you will need to download the program which is less than 80K. This can be done by surfing to the MUTT home page at the following link:

Then create a sub directory somewhere for your MUTT files. Don't put the directory in your root directory if you can avoid it. After you've created a directory unzip the zip files into that directory.

Now you're ready!

I can really only tell you how to access VR using MUTT via Netscape first. If anyone knows how to build up the windows\mutt.ini file without that, please holler.

in Netscape, Open OPTIONS, then GENERAL, then APPS.

The first slot will be for a telnet application. Use the browse button to find and place the Mutt .exe file there, then hit the OK button.

Once that is done, go to the following web page where the listing of VR sites is:

Find a VR site you are interested in, and click on the telnet access link to that site.

This will automatically bring up MUTT

You will see a place for CHARACTER NAME:
- put whatever name you want to use here, only you will see it.

You will see a place for PASSWORD:
- this can be left bank or not, doesn't matter.

you will see a place for PORT ADDRESS:
- this should have the address for the site

you will see a place for PORT NUMBER:
- this should have a four digit number

you will see a place for SCRIPT FILE:
- this should be blank, if it's not, make sure and delete whatever is in this space!

For example, if you were using the Character name SPOT and trying to access AI CORE MOO, you would find that MOO in the listing, click on the telnet link to AI CORE MOO, which would bring up MUTT. In the MUTT screen you would change or keeps things so it would look similar to the following:

Character: SPOT
Port Address:
Port Number: 2357
Script File:

If it does, then hit the OK button and you should be on your way!

To access MUTT without using your browser, you may want to install MUTT with it's own icon on your program manager window, and/or put a hot key to it.

Do that by going to the program manager screen, highlight the group you want to put the MUTT Icon in, open FILE, NEW, PROGRAM ITEM
In the space for description put MUTT or whatever you want to call it

In the space for command line, use the browse key to find the MUTT exe file and place it there.

In the space for working directory, put just the directory part of the above.

If you want a short cut key, just hit the key you want to use and it will look similar to:
Ctrl Alt M
Which means that in the Program Manager screen you can press those three keys at the same time and bring up your MUTT program.

The other alternative is to go to the Program Manager Screen, open FILE then RUN and browse to find the MUTT exe file each time you want to run MUTT.

Now, just start up MUTT, you will see a large white screen, open FILE in the MUTT screen, then OPEN.

Place the information you see above in that screen for which ever VR site you ware wanting to visit and you're off and running!

I hope this is a little clearer than MUD -smile. Again, if anyone has any other VR Client programs they want to write a how too on, or can do a better job for MUTT than I have, please email me.


Additions, Corrections, Comments or Suggestions? Please use the following email link: