The Basics of Using TinyFuge

If, for whatever reason, you aren't using or can't use windows to access the web and the virtual reality site of your choice, I hope your provider offers TinyFugue or a similar program, because trying to access a virtual reality site using pure telnet can be confusing and difficult at best.

First you will need a communications program, which you probably have else you wouldn't be reading this. But, just in case, I'll provide some links to dos, windows and macintosh based communications software. I've used qmodem and telemate and like both. Another is ComTel, which can be used with your browser as a telnet program, or as a stand alone. I'm sure there are others like that out there.

NOW, you have your communications program, configure it to your modem after you've read the help files, and to your provider. If your provider gives you a shell or unix account, just log on. If your provider doesn't, you can't log on with a communications program.

You may see a menu after you finish the logging on process. If you do, look for something that will take you directly to the internet gateway or command line.

Once there, you will see a prompt. At the prompt, if your provider has tinyfugue type:
tf address port number. IE: tf 8888
NOTE: it must be typed in exactly as I've shown you!

The screen will split into two parts. A top part, which takes up the majority of the screen, and a small bottom part, where you will enter commands and comments. This split screen will keep what others type from entering into what you are typing as it does in straight telneting.

This will take you to the connection screen of the virtual reality site you asked to access. Just follow instructions.

Follows are 3 links to communications software for DOS, WINDOWS and Macintosh:

If you need software for an operating system not listed, please email me and I'll try to find you something.

Follows are links to other TinyFugue files on the net:


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