Excercises That May Help Night Leg Twitches
Teresa Ichniowski, P.T.

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Teresa Ichniowski has been a Physical Therapist for 22 years, the last 10 of which have been in home care. She took her PT training at Columbia University and received a Certificate in Physical Therapy in 1977. Her undergraduate degree is a B.A. in Biology from Eisenhower College. Besides being a P. T., Teresa is a wife, mother and guitar player.


Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Thu, 2 Dec 1999
From: Teresa Ichniowski, P.T.
Subject: Excercises That May Help Night Leg Twitches

Several people have asked me to describe the gentle movements my patient does to relieve his muscle twitches at night. Please remember the word "gentle".

  1. Ankle pumps - done in sitting. Move foot up and down from the ankle, ten times each foot

  2. Also in sitting - lift one foot from the knee (straightens knee) take the leg out to the side,then back in and return foot to floor. Keep breathing while you do this! Work up to 5 repetitions for each leg.

  3. Standing with some support (a wall,or kitchen or bathroom sink) do a GENTLE calf stretch by putting one foot back and keeping heel on floor. Also make sure foot is straight, not pointing out or in. Work up to where you can hold the Stretch for a count of ten and do three repetitions for each leg.


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