Editing LISTSERV® Archives (Log Files)

WARNING: Do Not edit a log that is currently active [ie: this month/week's log] .. wait until the next log is started "It is possible to get the notebook out of sync with the digest, which can cause the digest not to be issued" if you do.

Editing Notebook Logs - Lsofts File on 1.8d Listserv

First, You must have a text editor and an email program able to contend with very large and wide emails with wordwrap turned OFF, such as FreeAgent, a freeware program for Win3.x (1,136,324 bytes), Win9.5 (1,052,700 bytes) and WinNT (1,052,700 bytes) that can be grabbed from the following url:

  1. FIND OUT WHAT LOGS YOUR LIST HAS by sending the following command in an email to the listserv:
    index ListName

    You will get an email back from the listserv that looks something like this:

    Date sent: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:03:03 -0400
    From: "L-Soft list server @ Listserv Place (1.8c)" <LISTSERV@LISTSERV DOMAIN>
    Subject: File: "LISTNAME FILELIST"
    To: Me <my1@address.COM>

    * :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    * The GET/PUT authorization codes shown with each file entry describe
    * who is authorized to GET or PUT the file:
    * ALL = Everybody
    * CTL = LISTSERV administrators
    * OWN = List owners
    * PRV = Private, ie list members
    * LMC = LISTSERV master coordinator
    * N/A = Not applicable - file is internally maintained by LISTSERV
    * MSC = Miscellaneous - contact administrator for more information
    * Archive files for the LISTNAME list at SERVER DOMAIN
    * (monthly logs)
    * filename filetype GET PUT size (bytes) date     time
    *  --------      --------    ---    ---   ------------     ---------- --------
    LISTNAME LOG9710 LOG OWN 35,120 1997-11-18 15:43:43
    LISTNAME LOG9711 LOG OWN 83,818 1997-12-11 16:57:40
    LISTNAME LOG9712 LOG OWN 120,202 1998-01-16 17:21:42
    LISTNAME LOG9801 LOG OWN 403,658 1998-01-31 21:11:52
    LISTNAME LOG9802 LOG OWN 395,670 1998-02-28 20:45:01
    LISTNAME LOG9803 LOG OWN 288,492 1998-03-31 17:58:46
    LISTNAME LOG9804 LOG OWN 672,826 1998-04-30 18:38:33
    LISTNAME LOG9805 LOG OWN 872,372 1998-05-31 18:01:00
    LISTNAME LOG9806 LOG OWN 516,146 1998-06-30 18:25:20

    This is for a list that is archived monthly. The List's December, 1997 log is titled: LISTNAME LOG9712. Lists archived weekly will have letters on the outside designating the archive's week in that month .. ie: LISTNAME LOG9712A is the log for the 1st week in December, 1997 and LISTNAME LOG9712C is the log for the 3rd week in December 1997.

  2. RETRIEVE A LOG you want to edit by sending the following command in an email to the listserv:
    get ListName LogXXXXX

Your edited Log File should look something like this when it's ready to email to listserv:
SUBJ:    Nothing or anything - this is ignored by listserv
Cc:    Not bad idea to send copy to yourself ;-)

Put MyList'sName LogXXXX PW=MyPassword =========================================================================
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 22:39:28 -0700
From: That Person<there@that.NET>
Subject: Archive Editing
   One carriage return
This is the first post in the archive: The best way to do this is to just jump in, but save the original log file in case you screw it up .. that way you'll have something to go back to.
   One carriage return
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 22:39:28 -0700
From: Another Person<different@that.NET>
Subject: RE: Archive Editing
   One carriage return
This is the last post in the archive: Good Advice and although some of the extra carriage returns may or may not be necessary, we know this works, so for the extra few seconds it takes - why not? It sure don't hurt to be safe rather than sorry!
   Nothing after the last line of the last post
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