PPS: Inflamation/immune/auto-immune response?
Eddie Bollenbach

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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 14:35:06 -0400
From: "Eddie Bollenbach"

During an acute polio infection the gray matter (Polios) in the spinal cord becomes inflamed (itis). Polio virus is a very small virus that mutates readily because the size of the genetic string is so small it has no room for the correction proteins present in the genetic material of larger organsisms. So it quickly changes into various viral types which cannot kill cells or burst cells.

Motor neurons of the gray matter die in two ways during a polio infection. 1. They die due to the effects of inflammation 2. They die as the polio virus completes its reproductive cycle and bursts the cells. I think it may be relevant to who gets PPS as to which of these two factors dominate during the original polio infection. I have no evidence for this. But, with little inflammation cells die by polio virus damage and may contain inside the cell many mutated polio virus particles. So we would have shrunken cells with a lot of polio virus* inside that could last a lifetime. At some point these viruses** in stasis could come into contact with glia (support cells which have immune function in the brain and spinal cord) stimulating an immune reaction. It is also possible that at some point, maybe simply time, enough mutant virus particles are released so that they can be detected, along with the immune cells and biochemicals like cytokines, in the spinal cord as several researchers have found (Sharief 1991)***.


  1. The virus in mutated form is inside cells if you have had polio
  2. Immune reactions toward the virus have been detected but only in patients with PPS
The logic of how PPS happens seems compelling in light of these facts. Overuse has never been shown in any data to cause PPS. Our data****, along with data from Dalakas at NIH, have shown there is no connection. Once muscles are weak from PPS it is clear they should not be overused.

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